Waterfalls Australia Day weekend 2017

Ebor falls

Waterfalls Australia Day Weekend

Public holidays you gotta love them! We both took the Friday off work and made it a 4 day long weekend. We wanted to check out what waterfalls Australia had to offer. Wednesday straight after work we headed up to Nundle NSW to Sheba dams. Although it was a nice spot wasn’t much level ground to camp. The toilets were the most smelliest I have ever come across.


These small dams are perfect for kayaks and swimming as there is no boat activity to worry about, we had plans on doing some gold panning while we where there on Thursday but the weather got the better of us.

We decided to venture off to Tamworth for a look at the Australia day festivities. It was so humid we decided to just jump back in the car and head off on our planned trip to check out the waterfalls.


Our first waterfall we checked out was bakers creek falls, a short drive off the main road and strangely enough even though it was bucketing down with rain on our way there, it had hardly any water flowing not only that the cloud cover was very low making visibility hard to see the whole gorge.


Next was Wollomombi falls once again not much water.


Then on to our camp for the night at Ebor
We checked out this nice free camp at the sports ground it’s been raining non stop since Tamworth, then thankfully it stopped for just enough time for our little family to go exploring, the camp is just 2km walk away from Ebor falls which is well worth the look.


The next day we headed to Dorrigo, we checked out danger falls just out of town which was great! the weather was to cold to go for a swim but would be amazing if the weather was right, well worth a visit.

On our way out to return to the highway we decided to go for a drive out to Urunga. We found a nice Boardwalk out to the headlands, Jaydon loved be able to see all the little schools of fish. This would make a perfect holiday destination to swim and fish, with a caravan park just meters from the water.

Then off again with a surprise secret camping spot in broken bago forest near wauchope,

This is why we own what we have, being able to experience the outdoors without restrictions. These 4wd destinations make it all worth while.

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