How Towing a Caravan Shouldn’t Stop You Seeing Cities


The ultimate guide to seeing cities while towing


Room Service! oh yes please! who doesn’t love to be waited on? There is something about going to a flash hotel, better yet, getting a room with a view up high, looking over the CBD, sounds fantastic right?

There is a Hotel budget to suit everyone, from the most expensive and prime location. To the dungeon on the outskirts, sitting on the highway keeping you awake all night.

To experience some of the well-known destinations Australia has to offer, camping or Glamping isn’t an option. Places like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, make it hard to pull up in a camper or caravan to check out the sites that cities have to offer.

But don’t lose hope with a bit of preparation you can unhook from your home away from home and head straight into the city.  Camplify have done all the research for you and have found some of the best self storage places across Australia. Check out their 29 best camper and caravan self storage places Here.

Once you have found the perfect spot to unhitch it’s time to find the accommodation that suits you and is a great place to start.



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