Budget tips

How to Find Your Budget


Whether you are heading off for a weekend or a year, hopefully some of these budget tips will give an idea of how much, your trip is going to cost is an advantage. It’s all well and good just packing up and leaving if you have plenty of money. Though when you run out and you miss those things you really wanted to see. Therefor you will be regretting you didn’t budget that little bit better! Check out the Tips below.

Your three biggest costs are Fuel, Food and Accommodation.



First step to a good Budget is knowing how far you will be travelling, jump onto Google Maps and enter your destination. Find out the kilometres returning to home, add another 20% of kilometres to the total and that gives you the rough kilometres you will be travelling. So now you can work out your cost of fuel, to find out more about fuel budgeting click Here

After your kilometres are worked out, its time to decide how long you will be going for. If you are unsure on how long it will take to cover the trip. Divide the trip into daily kilometres you feel comfortable in travelling per day. Once you get the minimum days you can start to customise your itinerary adding an extra day here or there. Also reducing or increasing kilometres between stop overs, at the same time choosing the type of accommodation required at each stop over. For an example of Itinerary planning click here


Archer river roadhouse burger

Your food at minimum will be eating the same amount of food as you do while living at home. Due to those special occasions. Where you will find yourself buying take out due to convenience or as a result of famous must try food outlets. These are usually for their famous burgers or pizzas etc. So adding an extra $100 a week to your food bill should cover these extras and any higher costs associated with remote food stalls.



Australia zoo

Fun can come at no expense or more than a complete holiday budget. My wife and I seem to find a lot of free activities like sight-seeing. The odd occasion we have splurged for a Jet boat ride or a Jet ski tour around an island. Each holiday will have its own activities costs. Researching your trip and activities to do along the way will help put a dollar figure to those fun things that are a must.