About Us


Hi there and welcome to our website. We are the Wheeler family, embarking on a journey of a lifetime in September 2017, the Big Lap of Australia, a journey into the unknown.

First of all, I’m Mick, the ring leader! A jack of all trades and a master of none! I’m handy on the tools and quick thinking when it comes to outback repairs. Furthermore I have cooked, cleaned, built, consulted and driven whatever I can to make a living.

While I hope these skills will help us to travel Australia, I’m keen to find new skills and show my family a life of work and travel around this great country Australia. Buckling the family in for a roller coaster time of their lives.


Kym would say that I think I’m the ring leader and that she wears the pants. I suppose we’ll just have to agree to disagree. Kym has done her fair share of overseas travel. In the last 10 years she has been to NZ, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Fiji and Singapore. As well as followed me around on our travels up and down the east coast of Australia.

She loves snapping the family selfies and does a great job of keeping our little family strong.



This is our little Tiger Jaydon. He loves the great outdoors, always looking for adventure and loves the water.

At a young age of just 2, he has traveled far and wide! From the beaches on Fiji, Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, to travelling the East Coast of Australia.

He’s a keen little fisherman
and loves to just chillax!!

Not only is he creating memories for us but he is creating his own memories for the future.

With a love of animals and outdoors, he is going to love the big lap.


Last but not least our little peanut, due in July 2017. If you think travelling Australia is hard, you will be blown away to watch our family grow (literally). The high times and the low, it will be a trip to remember! So why don’t you come for the ride and follow us on our journey across this beautiful country we call home.

We will be heading off in our Mitsubishi Challenger. Towing our MDC hard floor camper trailer

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