Moreton Island

Moreton Island

Moreton Island

Morton Island

Moreton Island, just WOW! If you are looking for a quick weekend getaway or even a week-long camping trip. This place has it all, Fishing, Snorkelling, Swimming, Diving, 4wding and much more.

Situated in Moreton bay Qld, just off the coast of Brisbane. The island has a Resort called Tangalooma which is great for a bit of R & R. Or be a little more daring and check out the great campsites all over the island.


Access to the island is via Boat or Micat vehicular Ferry

Micat Ferry


Best part about this island is being able to explore at your own pace. Transporting your car and camper to the island may seem a little expensive to some. but I assure you it’s well worth it!

Being only 44km long and 13km at its widest, you can comfortably drive around this island in a day. Lowering your tyre pressure is key to any sand driving. Every vehicle is different so playing with pressure is a must to get the right balance for your setup. The Mitsubishi Challenger tyres were lowered to 15psi all round and even the Camper Trailer.

While driving on the main beaches isn’t too difficult, you may find the inner island tracks a bit soft. Staying in the compacted ruts and not making sharp turns will help you navigate the softest sand. While momentum is a must through any really chopped up soft spots. Picking the right gear and speed to carry you through is beneficial.

Ben Ewa Campgound


Finding a campsite on Moreton island isn’t too hard, there is plenty! Although doing a little research on which campsite will suit your needs is a must. If you want close to the action and you are only tenting, camping at the Wrecks is just a stroll from the excitement. If you are like me and want a central base station then look no further then BEN EWA Campground. Situated on the western side just off the beach, centrally located to North, South & East island trails. To find some more info on each campsite and the fees associated check out national parks website for more details.

sanpper moreton tailer moreton


Grab those beach rods and dust them off! Great fishing can be had on this island, from fishing for tailor on the eastern beach to catching big snapper off the western beach. If you are a keen fisherman you will be right at home here with plenty of spots to try your luck.



Snorkelling on Moreton island is a must! Getting up and close to hundreds of fish species, the crystal clear waters surrounding the ship wrecks, its magical. The idea of sinking Ships off the beach is brilliant, creating a marine park for recreation is awesome. Although it’s a bit of a swim from the shore, once you have made it out to the wrecks it seems all worth while. A highlight of the trip was swimming with the dolphins in the channel on our way out to the wrecks. These majestic creatures are here every day and the experience is so much better.

Honeymoon bay light house ship wreck


Lots of things to see and do at Moreton, Far north to the light house, or far south to the town of Kooringal. Spend a half day or pack a lunch and spend the day exploring. The island is a good size, you can cover most things in 2 days, leaving plenty of time to just relax and enjoy the serenity! No matter your interest there is something here for everyone.


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