Fraser Island

Fraser Island


How lucky are we to have places like Fraser Island on our door step. This island is massive, if you plan on visiting you should at least take a minimum week to do it. Thousands of kilometres of tracks that you could drive, with only a 4wd in your arsenal there is lots of fun on offer.



Unlike Moreton Island, things get a little more difficult when driving here. While the inland tracks are mostly compacted, they do have a lot of ruts from tree roots to navigate. Most beach driving is done at low tide, although the eastern side you can attempt at high tide but slow going in the soft sand. As for the western side, you would be mad to even think about driving the beach on the incoming high tide. With no room for error you could find yourself swimming to safety in no time at all.

Lowering your tyre pressures before you even step foot on sand is paramount, the soft white sand, will even catch the most experience of 4wders out! Be ready to do a lot of driving on Fraser Island though, it’s a large place and it may take a couple of hours each way to get to your destination.


Beach Driving FraserFraser Island


The fishing here is awesome, there is enough beach here that everyone can have there on spot to fish. The keen anglers have usually got this mastered and you will see some big hook ups. The eastern beaches  can produce anything from tailor, mackerel, tuna and sharks. While the western side brings in the whiting and flathead.

fishing frasertailor on fraser

If you have some young ones with you, try heading up to Waddy point or Sandy cape. With some protection from the waves, the sand bars create little pools which are great for swimming and fishing. The little ankle bitter fish like bream and whiting. Let them run crazy while you relax and work on that tan.



Unfortunately if you are like me you like to check out places before you book a site. But here on Fraser you have to get in quick for all the good places. This could mean booking months in advance which is never ideal when you live a life of leisure. If you have little kids, try finding campsites that have Dingo fences. Also if you are a little more into Glamping, there is caravan park style accommodation, with all the facilities you need to have a comfortable stay.

Lake Mekenzie Lake Wabby


If camping’s not your thing, there is plenty of different styles of accommodation on Fraser. Kingfisher Bay Resort is just one of the many places you could stay, being on the western side, it’s away from the rat race of the 4wd beach lovers. If you are wanting to get up close and experience the island from the eastern side, it’s walking distance to the beach for a spot of fishing or the sunrise views or even whale watching then Eurong Beach Resort is another great place to check out.



Lots to see here! cruising the inland tracks you will come across a lot of inland fresh water lakes. Lake Mackenzie has crystal clear water, get in quick though as the parking fills up early. If you don’t mind a trek, Lake Wabby is beautiful, currently being swallowed by a big sand dune. Grabbing the boogie board can give you a thrill scooting down the dune into the water. While you are there check out the friendly catfish that swim right up to you. Some have look outs from up high in the hills which have breathtaking views.

Lake Wabby Sandboarding Lake Wabby

No doubt you will come across the Maheno ship wreck on the eastern beach, at low tide it sits high up on the beach out of the water which helps to get a great view and photo shot. Heading north to Indian heads, you might be lucky enough to see Whales at the right time of year. and while you’re at it, go have a dip in the champagne pools. Eli creek is a must do, grab yourself a floatation devices and walk the wooden walkway upstream and just relax and float your way downstream.

Champagne pools

Idian Heads

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