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itinerary planning

planning a road trip 101


When planning a holiday there can be a lot of elements to put together to have a smooth sailing trip!


Great so you have Dreamt about this destination for years, now its time to put things into pen and paper. Choosing the destination is the easy part, sorting out the in between can be a nightmare. With thousands of kilometres between you and the destination, you surely need to have a couple of breaks. Either fuel, food or sleep, you will be needing to know which way is best to go.

After throwing your destination into google maps and getting an idea of the Kilometres it will take to get there. You now need to work on your average daily kilometres. When my wife and I travelled alone we comfortably did 800km per day. Due to having children that has drastically changed to about 400km per day. You can always squeeze that extra 200km in if need be. Though pulling up at your next stop over is much more enjoyable, when it’s still daylight and when you have time to set up and explore your surroundings.

Most people have seen majority of the district around their home town, so the first day is usually a big drive to cover as much kilometres as possible, knowing your planned route will give you a suitable leaving time. Making the most of the mornings and nights you can cover a lot of kilometres without heavy traffic, although the further you get out bush Mr Skippy starts to show his head and you may lose time and headlights, so knowing the best time to travel certain roads is ideal.

Pen to Paper

Whether you like the old fashion way of using pen and paper or the more modern approach of spreadsheets, writing your itinerary out is exciting, calculating the distances to travel and the towns you will be stopping at, this can really help give you an insight into the cost of your holiday.

below is an example of a Cape York trip.

travel spreadsheet


One comment

  • I like the idea of putting all the planning elements of the spreadsheets. On this way, it’s easy to track and list down all necessary expenses. Better to save more rather than end up of almost zero balance. Bottom line, stick to the budget, traveling with the kids has many unexpectable expenses. Plus, along the way, there are many great stuff to shop, just hard to resist sometimes.

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