How I Find Work

Work = Holiday

I know for some people its hard to fathom that I actually work! if you don’t know me personally, then you have probably stumbled across my webpage by the catchy name Oz Travel Australia. As you sit back in your chair hopefully reading some of my articles.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you thought I didn’t work for a living. Well guess what I do and I love it but the difference is my lifestyle. I’m always willing to give new things a try.

After owning a take away shop a few years back I have found a new meaning to what work is. Before the shop I would refuse to do the dirty jobs and thought I was better than a toilet cleaner. But since the shop I’m a whole new man, I will gladly grab a toilet brush if that’s what’s needed to keep the dollars rolling in. Hell I even do it for free these days in the public toilets, nothing worse than seeing a dirty toilet and thinking if someone walked in after me they would think I left the mess “you know that feeling”

I would never ask another human being to do a job that I’m not willing to do myself.

What Skills Do I Have?

Well when we are talking skills on paper I have none! if we are talking about life skills I have plenty!

I have never been shy, I will walk into any establishment and put myself in front of the manager and ask for the opportunity to work for them. To me it is an opportunity! An opportunity to learn new skills and create more memories.

Once I’ve mastered the job at hand I start to seek employment elsewhere. Sure my wife would like me to stay in one job and be secure but that’s just not me.

I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none! I’m happy as that as well.

A few years back I hit a rough patch, my wife and I just returned from our first major holiday to Cape York. And my willingness to work went out the window, I started day dreaming and wished I was still on holidays. To me I thought there would be more to life then just working to pay the bills.

I soon found myself unemployed from no fault to my own, with my baby boy due only weeks away, I knew there was something I needed to get an edge on my employment status.

Since I loved driving so much, I decided I would get a truck licence and give the open road a crack. Let me tell you I have never looked back, I have never been without a job offer since obtaining my licence and better yet. I’m now totally using my licence to my advantage to travel around this country.

Think Outside The Box

My go to place for Immediate work is Gumtree, If I ever find myself out of work, I do a quick search for truck drivers on Gumtree and within an hour I have a job starting somewhere within a few hours drive. It’s a life of travel that I look for and enjoy, not putting myself back into the rat race being let down by the 9-5 grind like everyone else. Sure I might work a few more hours or days and be away from the family but at the end of the day I keep myself employed.

I have now changed my tune to seeking work, I find employers that are desperate for workers and need an immediate start. This gets rid of the résumé method of applying for jobs via seek or door knocking. The last 5 jobs that I got have not even spoke about a résumé. It’s a quick how old, what experience and when can you start!

But in saying that even without experience if you can sell yourself as a fast learner with your head switch on. You will be leaps and bounds in front of everyone else.

Just this week I have learnt how to use an auger on a tractor, load bales of Cotton and even float heavy machinery between destinations and that’s just one week of working away on a farm.


Only a few more months and I’ll have my family on the road with me. it’s going to be a trip of a life time!

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