What a Job at North Star




So here I am, accepting another job opportunity that lands me in this little town called North Star. Situated just shy of the NSW/QLD border. This Prominent farming district is buzzing with life.

The Farms out here are large and so are their personalities. Being welcomed with opened arms on the first day. A quick (4 hours) drive around the properties put amazement into my eyes, vast open country has so much potential.

After having a great chat with the new boss and getting a feel for the place. I was amazed that they struggle to find willing workers in this region. “Ole Tommy” said “its hard to get an Aussie out here” I couldn’t believe my ears. North Star isn’t in the middle of nowhere its close enough to Moree, Inverel, Goondiwindi and Warialda. By no means is this a place you would call remote.

The work conditions are great, basically work at your own pace. Start and finish at your own times, as long as the work is getting done, there is no complaints.

As a keen worker my first week I pumped out over 80 hours, I got a huge pay packet then fell in love with this type of work.

Having the opportunity to learn new skills, I have had great pleasure getting behind the wheel of multiple machines on this property. With a basic knowledge of the operations I’ve excelled in being a very handy member of the team. At any time I can be asked to jump on a tractor, truck or something random and have the confidence to get the job done.

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