MDC Hard Floor Camper Trailer


It doesn’t matter if you have a tent, camper trailer or caravan we are all out there seeking an adventure!

After the birth of our boy, we decided it was time to upgrade to a camper trailer. Finally after hours of research and reviews we ended up buying a second hand Ezytrail hard floor. Since it was our first camper we didn’t want to go all out. Just wanted something simple and cheap. It turned out to be a great little camper that we did many miles in. Lacking the finer details like full electrical fit out and most importantly it had little storage.

The ease of setup was astounding within 2 mins of pulling up we could go straight to bed. We mostly wanted a hard floor as we liked the idea of everything being off the ground. It had a 4 burner gas stove, 40 litre  stainless water tank with pressure pump. I threw together a 12 volt system that included 100ah battery, 2000w inverter and a CTEK battery dc – dc charger. Also chucked a couple of 12v power outlets around the camper.


Due to a few mechanical issues over the last couple of cars I have owned. I’ve decided to buy a new Mitsubishi Challenger for our little family. The down side to this was the space we lost from the Landcruiser or Hilux that we previously owned. we own a 60 litre car fridge which was a perfect fit for the Hilux when I first bought the fridge but the challenger just doesn’t have the boot space we were use to, so Instead of buying a new fridge we decided to upgrade our camper to one that had more storage and one that could house our fridge.

The MDC is leaps and bounds ahead of the cheaper ezytrail camper, everything from the chassis, canvas to the electrics.


on the front of the trailer we have 2 x 4.5kg gas bottles, so hopefully we should always have a full spare, this camper also allows us to carry 3 Jerry cans of fuel on our larger trips

the kitchen is all stainless steel making it a breeze to clean up, with quick connects to water and gas we have a full functional kitchen within seconds, 3 burner stove top with 12v pilot lighting, cutlery draw and a chopping board

The large tool box in the middle houses our 60 litre fridge with room to spare, I have also made up a pantry that surrounds the fridge utilising as much space as possible, on the other side it has room for all my pots and pans, buckets, hoses and tools.

Underneath we have a 140 litre stainless steel water tank with pressure pump protected by a steel housing, independent dual shock coil suspension and electric brakes

on the list to do
  1. Refit spare tyre to under camper
  2. create swing away motorbike carrier on back